Recent Projects

Now that Spring is in full swing, I’ve decided to share my projects and their progress with you!

I’ve got hundreds of little propagations sprouting up in different rooms of my house, each trying to grow big and strong before they can be gradually moved outdoors in full sunlight. It’s important to keep them indoors or in partial shade while they’re young, otherwise you risk sunburning the roots. Typically once the roots are burned, a propagation will not recover. If you have healthy roots growing from a leaf its best to leave it where it is and water it properly until it starts to grow its own leaves and stem.

Some of the propagations have gotten large enough to earn their own pots, I’ve been scrambling to find tiny pottery or containers that will properly support a mini succie. I finally stumbled upon Flamingo and Flower, an online pottery store that specializes in succulent pots, markers, and other great gifts! Their mini pots are especially awesome, as they have drainage holes adequate for succulent babies and they come in countless colors and patterns.




Pictured above is a Graptoveria Fred St. Ives shortly after its mother plant leaves fell off entirely. I thought it was a lost cause but kept it potted just in case, and sure enough it sprouted a little baby! Since then, that plant has grown significantly and was replanted in a tiny teacup I found at a thrift store.

I’ve also started making arrangements, which may or may not be a sign that my plant addiction is getting out of hand. Originally I wanted to do just a container garden but now that my collection has gotten so abundant, I’ve started grouping plants together in pots and even outdoor garden beds.

I have plenty more projects to come, I’ll have to post about my new sunrise cactus soon! it’s a beautiful, floppy cactus with long-leaved pink flowers that only open up during the early sunlight hours of the day. It’s a very unique, fairy-like plant that I can’t wait to share with you all! 🙂

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