The WordPress Experience

I enjoyed creating a blog with WordPress because the site does most of the work for you, although there is an option to customize your own text code it’s nice to have the option to just drag/drop or select pre-coded elements.

I do wish that had the same [shortcode] options as because those provided more PlugIn integration and customization of a site.

I am grateful for the experience because it’s something I can add to my resume, even though this wasn’t a professional project having a greater proficiency in WordPress could be a selling point with future employers, especially those who use WP free domains to sell their products or interact with customers. I also have plans to create a new blog for my succulent business, as I intend on selling them while I travel. I hope to have a travel site to journal my experiences in my portable tiny-house with a separate page for my crafts, succulents, and micro-greens that I will be growing and selling during long journeys.


As far as the statistics of my blog, the beginning of March was the most popular for my site.

My post about potting succulents and choosing the right succulents were my most popular, with 23 views each. I felt as though these two were the most popular because they had topics that most beginner succulent gardeners tend to search for as well as bright, fun visuals. I also tagged other garden blogs in these posts, which brought more viewers to my site.

I was most surprised by the amount of visitors and viewers I had on my site, with a total of 63 visitors and over 90 views. Most of which came from WordPress subscribers themselves and followers from other blogs that I mention frequently. I was anticipating maybe 20 individuals looking at my content (with myself checking in on multiple computers being the primary contributor to that). I didn’t expect so many people to click on my links or take an interest in my information. A pleasant surprise, that one was!

Most of my readers are from the United States, but I am happy to say I reached a small audience in the United Kingdom and the Philippines. I would like to assume that’s due to my “Choosing the Right Succulent” post that discusses growing plants in non-arid environments. I hope that as I continue to build new sites, that I can reach a broader audience but I may have to use so I can code in language translators and other options for readers abroad! I’m exciting to see what the future of WordPress holds for me! 🙂


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