Texas Native Plants

Texas is a vast state, with numerous different geographical landscapes and climates in every region. As Texas makes up the majority of the U.S. South, there are countless plants that are native to this area from grasses to flowers to cacti, and much more.

Texas’s main hardiness zone is Zone 9, where temperatures can reach the mid 100’s in summer and drop down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower in the winter. This can make growing plants here a challenge, as some of the beautiful species that flourish here in the summer time are susceptible to freezing in the winter. If you want to find plants that will survive in your Texan home throughout the year, you’ve come to the right place!

Another benefit to growing native plants is that some counties will offer tax deductions for nurturing native grasses or plants, although you may not get to choose which ones you can grow for this perk. It all depends on the local regulations, but it’s definitely worth looking into if you want to start a garden and benefit your local community at the same time!

There are several types of sage that grow in Texas, all with different colored blooms that arrive around the Spring and stay until the end of Summer.


If you’re looking for larger blooms, Texas also sprouts up multiple species of daisy that vary in size. As they say “everything’s bigger in Texas,” and ‘they’ meant the flowers, too!

However, if you don’t like waiting all year for your plants to flower, or maybe you don’t have a preference for flowers at all…there are various agave that are native to Texas and Mexico that can withstand harsh winter frosts.

To find more native plants, check out the Native Plant Society of Texas to learn about your region and how to quickly grow wildflowers on your property.

If you’re interested in purchasing Texas native plants, Plant Delights has a vast selection with reasonable pricing to get your new landscaping adventures underway.



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