Honorable Mention: Succulents & Sunshine

When I began my succulent garden, it was a challenge to find resources that had extensive, reliable information. I wanted to identify my plants, learn how to properly care for them and successfully propagate. I did endless amounts of research but still made rookie mistakes like lining the bottoms of my planters with gravel and accidentally over-watering a few plants. After throwing away a handful of beautiful plants that I had mercilessly destroyed with improper care, I was ready to give up on my new found passion.


Eventually I stumbled upon Cassidy Tuttle’s blog, www.succulentsandsunshine.com, and she helped me save my plants before I gave up entirely on succulents. I knew my end goal was to have a large garden and I had to start with plants that were easy to propagate.

Cassidy’s post about succulents that were easiest to re-grow provided me with the information I needed to get my garden started. Two Graptoveria ‘Fred Ives’ and six Sedum morganianum later I was officially a novice succulent collector. I have since propagated and successfully re-planted over ten plants in the past two months. That may not seem like much, but as a chronic cactus killer, it’s quite the achievement.

I appreciate Cassidy’s blog because she offers such a vast amount of advice. It is surprisingly hard to find sites that cover more than one topic in-depth, but Cassidy goes so far as to offer a variety e-Books for her readers. She is particularly great at perfecting the indoor garden, something that most gardeners would avoid with plants that require regular direct sunlight. Her recommendations for different tools and growing methods have helped me with my indoor succulents and propagation trays. The succulent pups pictured below were grown completely indoors with limited natural light, but are healthy and happy due to Cassidy’s instructions.

She also has great images that make you want to steal clippings from her garden. I highly recommend her site, especially if you’re a beginner or have unique questions about your plants that other sites haven’t managed to answer for you.


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